Studio in Athens, 2003

Andrey Aranyshev

Born in 1956 (Yaroslavl, Russia)
Artist,painter,restorer of oil painting.
1964-68 Art scool.Yaroslavl.
1981-84 Art colledge.Yaroslavl.
1984-86 Art Center of restoration (restoration of oil painting).Moscow.


1990 Yuvyaskyala. Finland.
1992 "Natura-2". Fine Art Museum. Yaroslavl. Russia.
1993 Museum of History and Architecture. Yaroslavl. Russia.
1996 Bruxelles. Belgium.
1996 Luxemburg.
1998 Central Exhibit Hall. Yaroslavl. Russia.
1998 Exeter. Prince Albert Memorial Museum. England.
2000 Central Concert Hall. Yaroslavl. Russia.
2002 Museum of Fine Art. Yaroslavl. Russia.
2003 Gallery "Areta". Athens. Greece.
2006 Solo exhibition Central Exhibit Hall. Yaroslavl. Russia.
2006 LightArtGallery. Prague. Chech.
2006 Art-Index. Artists of Petersburg. St.Petersburg. Russia.
2006 Building Cultural Bridges: "Art from Former Soviet Union to America". Denver Co. USA.
2006 Gallery MDN. Moscow. Russia.
2006 Gallery "Na Presne". Moscow. Russia.
2006 "Windows to the Divine". Denver Co. USA.
2007 Gallery "Zamoscvorechie". Charitable Foundation Helping Children with Cancer. "Nastenka". Moscow. Russia.
2007,2008 Elena Gallery. Moscow. Russia.
2007,2008 Art Ireland. GalaGallery. Vancouver. Canada.
2008 Elena Gallery. Moscow. Russia.
2008 Art Fair. Edinburgh. Scotland. GalaGallery. Vancouver.
2008 "Russia" CHA. Moscow. Russia.
2009 Art-Manezh. Moscow. Russia.
2010 Silvana Gallery. Glendale. Ca. USA.
2010 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. New York. USA.
2010 "Taches.Taches". International Symposium of painting.Saint-Lo,Normandie,France.
2011 Central Exhibit Hall. Yaroslavl. 2011 International Exhibition "The Time Is Now" Auditorium Al Duomo. Florence. Italy.
2011 International Exhibition "Little Treasures" Gallerie De' Marchi. Bologna. Italy.
2011 International Exhibition "Here Now" Ferrara. Italy.
2011 International Exhibition"Symphony Of Colors" Auditorium Al Duomo. Florence. Italy.
2011 Art Manezh. Moscow.
2012 International Exhibition Broadway Gallery. New-York. USA.
2012 Art Monaco. Monaco.
2012 "The Masters Of Contemporary Art Of Our Days". ArtPeople Gallery. San Francisco. California. USA.
2012 Mentana Gallery "A Proposal For New Collections". Florence. Italy
2013 Volkov Theatre (Museum). Yaroslavl. Russia.
2014 Art Non-Stop. Museum of Fine Art. Yaroslavl. Russia.
2015 Solo exhibition "Pressure of Light" cultural Center "Millenium", Yaroslavl, Russia.
2016 Art exhibition "Faces Of Russia" . Arkhangelsk.
2016 Solo exhibition. Central Exhibit Hall. Yaroslavl. Russia.

© Aranyshev Andrey, 1998