Traveling To The Country Of Art

A famous art critic, Mr. Michael Dimic, the director of Gallery Areta, Pandrosu str., 31, Plaka, tells us about his collaboration with Russian artist Andrey Aranyshev who is expected to disturb Athens cultural life. This year Gallery Areta exhibits in Greece the canvases of A. Aranyshev, an outstanding Russian artist, whose presence will undoubtedly replenish and enrich Athens cultural life. A. Aranyshev is regarded as one of the best Russian artists. His paintings are full of strength and authenticity and they influence modern French art. Being a man of art world, he isn't a representative of classical Russian art. On the contrary, we can say that he represents classical topics in contemporary conditions. He paints in oils and with spatula, thus in his canvases the poetics of still-life (nature mort) prevail alongside with the figures that reflect the influence of Dali and Modigliani. The main themes are completed with urban expressionistic landscapes and European views, though in his last works Greek views dominate. Before coming to Athens A. Aranyshev had numerous exhibitions in Russia, as well as in Luxemburg, Switzerland and Rome.

From INSIDE magazine,
Athens, October 2003.

© Андрей Аранышев