2006 Light Art Gallery. Прага.

The world of Andrey Aranyshev is extraordinary without particular rational explanation, and at the same recognizable paintings create special effects of something you have seen before, and it ensures both the instantaneous contact of audience with a canvas and complete spectator's confidence to the painter. There are no author's aspiration to be liked by aesthetic notions, or waive her sovereign right to create and imagine her own picture of the world. Picasso once said that "When Matisse draws a line an a white piece of paper, hi draws it so perceptively, it doesn't remain just that; it becomes something more. There's always a kind of metamorphosis of each part that creates the whole". It is precisely this element of transcendence that is present in the Work of Andrey Aranyshev.
David Jankulovski.

© Андрей Аранышев